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Our values and goals

Our values

  • Compassion allows us to feel the tragedy of every homeless animal.
  • Humanity makes us want to help every suffering animal and will not let us look away from them.
  • Dedication drives us and keeps us going every day helping the suffering animals that cannot speak for themselves.
  • Hospitality – we shower with it every new animal we admit.
  • Our major value – Life. Feel its miracle in your home, love it and cherish it!

Our goals

  • Provide care for homeless animals: give them shelter, food, and veterinary care until we can find them new loving homes.
  • Cooperate with and help the organizations and individual people working toward helping homeless animals.
  • Educate society about our responsibility for the well-being of animals.
  • Implement social programs and provide animal rescue and care counseling.
  • Partner with organizations from other countries in order to create an effective knowledge and experience exchange.
  • Promote our organization and its goals in order to spread awareness in our society.
  • Open several subdivisions of our organization in different cities throughout Lithuania.
  • Establish our own veterinary office in order to conveniently provide complete veterinary care for our animals.
  • Reduce animal overpopulation and homelessness by implementing spaying/neutering programs.
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