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"SOS animals" history

The idea to help homeless animals was born in 2006. In order to make it a reality, we had to sacrifice our free time and many other life’s pleasures and forget about vacation because the number of homeless animals that needed our help grew larger every day. We simply could not look away and leave them in their suffering. Therefore, hundreds of lives have been saved since and a lot of animals have found their forever homes.

"Pifas.lt" logotipas
“SOS Animals” is a non-governmental organization, established on February 1, 2008, and was initially named “Pifas.lt” in honor of the shelter’s director Ilona Mezenceva’s first pet Pifas. 


SOS gyvūnų namelisIn November 2008, the 2% of the VAT donated by the Lithuanian people allowed us to buy a mobile home which started serving as a shelter for homeless animals. The house was named “SOS animals hut”


"SOS gyvūnų" logotipasOn June 11, 2009, the organization was officially renamed to “SOS gyvūnai” ("SOS animals"). 


In summer of 2010 the 2% of the VAT donated by the Lithuanian people allowed us to buy some land on Minskas highway (Vilnius). Our “SOS animals hut” was moved there and the work to build the animal shelter of our dreams began. 



In November 2011 we finally moved to our new location on Minskas highway and purchased two more mobile homes to shelter homeless animals. 


In March 2012 we purchased a unique construction for the new shelter, built according to the EU standards and recommendations. It was immediately prepared to house homeless animals and was named “SOS animals home”


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