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Things in need

1. Dry, good quality food for dogs;
2. Dry and wet food Hill’s for little and weak kittens;
4. Tinned food for dogs;
5. Fish (frozen sea pike);
6. Fresh bones for dogs;
7. Sour milk products;
8. The delicacies for cats, dogs, mineral sticks.

1. Litter for cats (better silicone).
2. Newspapers, cardboard.
3. Disposable and not disposable rubber gloves.
4. Paper towels.
5. Cleaning products – for keeping cleanness.
6. Bags for rubbish and other cleanness goods (ordinary and absorbing water brooms, dustpans, buckets, cloths).
7. Cages and little cages.
8. Portable boxes for transportation of cats (we especially need them while transporting cats to a veterinarian clinic).
9. Leads for dogs.
10. Collars for cats and dogs.
11. Mats, pallets (easy to wash) for animals.
12. Wicker bags or foam rubber houses in which cats could cosily sleep.
13. Litter boxes and dustpans for cats.
14. The poles or tablets for scratching – so that cats could sharpen their claws.
15. Bowls for food.
16. Toys for cats and dogs, ladders for cats to clamber.

Things do not necessarily have to be new, they can be used by your pet.
Maybe you have unnecessary things or furniture – it could be a cupboard, shelves, pictures, other decorations that could decorate our shelter.
If you decide to buy some things, please, contact us and agree on the time of bringing them.
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