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Donation boxes

Aukų dėžutė

Donation boxes are meant for those for whom it is more convenient to donate cash by stopping by somewhere - neither bank will count tax from them nor it will be necessary to fill in the form of bank transfer. It’s quick and simple! At the moment you can find the donation boxes with the hallmarks of “SOS Animals” and our logo in Vilnius and Alytus:

In SOS animal shelter (Minsko pl. 33A, Vilnius)
In "Akropolis" shopping and entertainment centre, by the 4th entrance (Ozo st. 25, Vilnius)
In "Ozas" shopping and entertainment centre,  the 2nd floor (Ozo st. 18, Vilnius)
Jakovo veterinary centre (Gerosios Vilties st. 1, Vilnius)
In the shop of zoological goods “Fauna” (Vytauto st. 36, Vilnius)
In the shop of zoological goods “Šeltė” (Algirdo st. 16/4, Vilnius)
In the veterinary clinic of the Old town (Totorių st. 21, Vilnius)
In the shop of zoological goods  "Dora" (Putinų st. 8a, Alytus)
In the shop "Egzotika" (Jaunimo st. 14, Alytus)

If you or your organization have a possibility to keep a donation box for SOS animals, we kindly ask you to contact us – we will be very grateful for your help. Contact phone no. +370 675 42646 (Andrius).
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