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"SOS animals" blogs

A sad story of Pipiriukas from Jurbarkas

The story of this dog is very sad and it may be the reason why he‘s so lost and sad. “SOS Animals“ got a call that near Jurbarkas, in an unoccupied house a dog and 3 cats are locked in and starving. The owner of the dog is a lonely old lady who was hospitalized and nobody knows if she‘s ever coming back. Someone cold-bloodedly just locked the door and lef 4 animals inside to die in hunger. A week later the neighbours broke the window so they could feed the animals. As soon as the temperature fell the animals were very cold since the window had been broken. The village headman called us for help.
The situation was horrible when we came, the bowls were frozen on the floor, there was no food, water or electricity. We found the dog under sheets and also cought the cats. The dog is lost and doesn‘t understand why such radical changes took place and where his beloved owner is. We‘re waiting for phone calls from good people because the dog is of a good and calm nature and could give his big heart to someone for many years.
It‘s hard to say, but Pipiriukas might be about 3 years old. He‘s in a teporary foster, behaves very well, follows people around and is afraid to be left alone again. We don‘t want to bring him back to the shelter since he‘s been under a lot of stress, but he can‘t stay in a temporary foster for a long time.
The dog could be brought to Kaunas, Tauragė, Klaipėda or Panevėžys areas, if he‘s offered a good home. To get Pipiriukas, call me, Goda, 8 699 13686 or Gerda 8602 93776


Shepherd harvest

Living by the forest, in the countryside, most feel more at ease if their property is guarded by a dog. Therefore, Mrs Nelli‘s yard is guarded by a German shepherd mix-breed in Valai village. This autumn she was seemingly kept reliably confined while in heat; but nature is nature, and somehow, out of nowhere, a litter materialized. The neighbours’ wolfhound, a beauty with upright ears, does not, of course, acknowledge his paternity, but a single look at the fluffy pups is enough…
And there are seven of those.
Since we don’t have enough space for this many puppies at the shelter, Mrs Nelli will take care of them for a while. Those of you who want to raise themselves a watchful or, on the contrary, a relaxed and friendly wolfhound, please call 0037060364999 (best to talk in Russian).
The pups were born on 17 October; they eat by themselves, get curd, egg, etc. They don‘t live in the house, so it won‘t be a problem to get them used to any kind of life. Although their mom is a watchdog, they themselves are but tots, so in the end, you‘ll get what you will raise yourself.
Valai village is not far from Vilnius, a bit beyond Grigiškės (http://www.maps.lt/map/default.aspx?lang=lt#obj=567948;6064510;Pa%C5%BEym%C4%97tas%20ta%C5%A1kas;&xy=567928,6064430&z=50000&lrs=vector,stops,zebra).
It‘s probably pretty hard to pick one just by looking at the photos, and they weren‘t even given names yet, so it would probably be best to just come see them live, and pick the liveliest oneJ
The black girl with a white spot.


Admire the Dinnies!

Perhaps you remember how some time ago we were looking for help to transport Dina – a Pekingese mix-breed – to Stakliškės. There, a new home for her and foster care for her pups were waiting. And so, in the warm home of Vitalė the cubs grew, and now they are three months old, minus three days. They will be up for adoption in a couple of weeks, but you can select your ‘Knave of Hearts’ right now. The “Queen of Hearts”, the black girl, has already been chosen, and is now expected at her new home J

The whole family:


Urgent foster care for Newfie Maksas is needed!

Do you remember our giant Newfoundland crossbreed? Having spent the careless summer in foster care, he had found himself a home by the end of autumn, sort of. But not all has been foreseen or evaluated for the arrival of this dog, and so he will have to go back.


Kittens to foster care

Thanks to all of you who answered our call for foster care while the house is under reconstruction. Panteriukė is among those who left for foster care. Here she is, posing beautifully:)
Big Arnis-Arnoldukas has also left, and Šermuonėlis and Bleki will have their very own separate room in a house. Two of the vievinukės – Rainė and Juoduliukė – has also left for foster care.
Thanks to Larisa, Sigitas, Viktorija, Diana and Jovita:)
Excuse me if I got anything wrong, and if you want to help us too – info@sos-gyvunai.lt!
Original post by iks may be found here.

The Pretty Kitty Five is looking for a home

Every one prettier than another, with fluffy coats and huge eyes. This harvest is now being stored at a home in Vilnius, but it's high time for the kittens to get a permanent caregivers. They are three months old, kempt and clean, friendly, cosy... just take them and never let go.

Will be given to people who understand that the decision to keep a kitten should not be based on a whim but rather on serious considerations.


Mastiff female Aira still awaits new home

Remember the story of Neapolitan Mastiff Aira, who after enduring the cold of the kennel, the lousy food, and her master's indifference, finaly got a chance to start a new life? Aira is at her fosters right now, but a new home is nowhere to be seen.

Notice the sad look:


Gentlecat Memfis is looking for a home

Memfis (Memphis) along with his sisters Antalija (Antalya) and Sevilija (Seville) reached the “SOS gyvūnai” yard literally in a plastic bag. True, in the morning, all we found in that bag were the girls – Memfis had taken a walk around to make sure there was nothing better on offer, and only then padded back to people, purring and with his tail up. The fact that dogs were barking all around appeared to him an inconsequential triviality. Taken into our arms, he nestled down calmly and not only did he start to purr but also to knead with his “hands” from pleasure, squinting. Well, the reason he was squinting could have been the rather serious inflammation in his right eye, which was healed quite quickly afterwards.


A buoyant female Bitė (Bee) looking for owners

Lazdynai district girl wants a minute of your attention. She would like to introduce herself. And afterwards, she wants years and years of your attention, so she could love you faithfully, amuse you, make you move, cheer up and enjoy your life!


Dear Santa, please, don't wait for Christmas and give me an owner now

Dear Santa,
My name is Meilutė (Sweetie), I‘m a two year old friendly tabby. I‘ve never written you a letter before, but only because I never knew what Christmas was. To me, a gentle domestic-turned-homeless, this was just another cold winter day, maybe a tad unusual only in the amount of leftovers in the garbage (which meant I‘d get to eat dinner, instead of having to content myself with what would be left of the dinners of the hostile wildcats. And often enough, nothing at all would be left, but that‘s another story).


Shepherd Pipa is seeking a home

We cannot promise you that Pupa – Pipa will grow into a Belgian Malinois, or a mini Malinois. But neither can we deny the resemblance!


A very aunty Aunty Beta

There are cats lean and gracious, and there are those solidly built, soft to touch and heavy to lift. And me, well, I’m exactly such a lady, Aunty Beta is my name, but you sure can call me Aunty. Why such a weird name, you ask? Well take a look at me, ain’t I a super-auntie? No, I don’t bake sauerkraut tarts (at least not yet ;) ), but I’m great at keeping the house and the garden! This is me, flattening the dug up soil.


A Persian cat found

In Vilnius, in one of the entrances of a block building in Naujininkai district, a Persian cat was found. New or previous owners wanted. More information on 0037060990745.
Original post by   iks can be found here.

The Siamese and the Exotic: a search for a new home

I’d like to present to you two kittens, whose owners have contacted us for help. They need new homes, and to avoid the stress inevitable at the shelter, we’re trying to give them off directly from their current homes.

Just you look at these beauties.



Two stories of men and dogs

Some rescue, others destroy. Some heal, others throw away...

Two stories about two very different females, whose paths had never crossed, but who are both in dire need of help. And God forbid the younger one gets a home like the elder one had...

Pupa (Bean). I gave her a second name - Piratukė Pupa (Pirate Pupa, or, literary, Pirate Bean).


Maxi-dog Maksas: still looking for a home

Do you remember the giant Maksas (Max)?

I suggest you take a look at how he‘s doing now, and ask yourself, if by chance you‘d have a corner of your heart and a much bigger corner at home for this beauty.


Reksas doesn’t want to pass the winter by an empty farmhouse

Quite often people from farther districts visit our shelter to pick a dog, and even more often we hear them complain that “it’s such a long way to Vilnius”. The paradox is that when we advertise animals residing outside of Vilnius, there’s very little chance for them to be noticed. Why? Perhaps you know why?

Or perhaps you know what bells to toll to help Reks from Šalčininkai?

He‘s in dire need of a shelter and a person. He‘s used to living in the country, could live in a kennel, a suitably fitted one. But most importantly, next to people, because right now....

Let‘s hear his story as told by Edgaras.

„The dog‘s name is Reks. He belongs to my grandpa, who used to live in Tribonys village (Šalčininkai district, ~51 km from Vilnius) along with Reksas, a female dog and two cats. Grandpa got sick recently, and had to leave his farm. There‘s no-one living on the farm at this moment. The female dog and the two cats have already found new home. Only Reksas is left. Grandpa and the rest of my family are Poles, so we refer to the dog in Polish – we call him Reks, or the diminutive form, Reksio. But I don‘t think he‘d mind to be called Reksas.


Kira and Elzė. Some new pictures.

Kira is a very inquisitive kitty, and the birch outside the window is so close, and the birds there are so aplenty, but how does one reach them? Maybe I should jump on the window? It's extremely uncomfortable there, but perhaps this way I'll be able to snatch at least a single bird?


Murzius (Scruffy) the Clean is looking for a home

You're bored, Murzius can tell; you have nothing to occupy yourself with (the tailed ones at least have their tails to chase, if need be)! You are clearly in need of someone to provide you with fun, revelries, to make you move, wiggle, laugh, and play.
Therefore, we recommend scrufftherapy! It’s way better than mud therapy, as it’s fun both to you and Murzius– the benefits are mutual.
Take a look, here he is, bulging like an eagle-owl, hoping:


Misses Mur (Purr) and Miau (Meow) promiss you will be proud of them (adopted)

This is a follow-up| The beginning may be found below.

Today I write increasingly worried - I'm about to completely give in to the charms of Miss Mur and Miss Miau... And you do know how hard this will make it to send them off to their new home: it's not only the house that will seem empty then...

Therefore, I'd like to share some more pictures of the little ones with you.

Misses Mur and Miau are.... well, they can be anything. Tender. Mischievous. Jolly. Sleepyheads. Funny. Amusing. Tidy. Lazy. Hedonists (meaning, stomach before heart). Wildcats. Pranksters. Friendly. Sweet. Nuzzling. Awesome.

We are awaiting your calls at 861030574.


Hooray!!!!!! Peace at home, or Kira+Elzė=LoveForever :)

Hello to all. Some news from our lives. For two nights, they had been running around, chasing each other, frolicing and  hissing and fighting and even biting, wouldn't let me sleep, broke a vase - to sum up, we had fun.

After all that, they got tired of fighting (thank God!) and Kira went on and occupied a second armchair, which till now was of no interest to anyone.


Melba and Lėja (Lea) - charming females looking for a home

Melba is a charming forest apple:) Who ditched this beauty at Jašiūnai (Šalčininkų district) and why is not clear; but she got lucky, as she was found by the right people, who've already given shelter to a number of dogs. But since it truly is a large number, and the dogs themselves are large - this little one urgently needs a good new home.

She has received a pill for worms. Eats a lot and eats it all:) Will grow to be a small wooly dog. During the warm season, she could live outside, but it would probably be most satisfactory at home, in her own bed! At this moment, she is staying with her fosters near Vilnius, awaiting new owners.


News of ("fraidy-cat") Elzytė

There are two completely identical armchairs at our home. But only one of them is a favourite. Why? Nobody knows. And there's a constant battle over it between two kitties: Elzytė and Kira.


Usūrskis-Džemas (Racoonsky-Jam) looking for a farm. All offers welcome

Well, which of you want a "bengal cat" on the farm? One is up for grabs! Beauty, tabby, crafty young 'un, quite impressive himself, and goes by an impressive name - Usūrskis-Džemas (Racoonsky-Jam).


German Shepherd Amūras is seeking home (adopted)

"SOS gyvūnai" were contacted by people asking to help give away there pet. The pet is not entirely theirs - it's their son's, who has gone abroad and left Amūras to his parents... Unfortunately, it's pretty complicated for elderly people to live in a small apartement with a lively, action-hungry large dog; five minutes for a daily walk is not enough, he needs attention and training.


Sphinxes of the woodpile

Yesterday was marked not only by the „boxed news“, but also by the arrival of two blind Sphinxes. Blind not because of their age, but because rhinotracheitis has eroded their eyes.
How did the owners let this happen, you ask?
Unfortunately, we’ll never find out, as the kittens were found thrown away at the woodshed. Tiny, bald, big-eared, one-and-a-half-months old blind Sphinxes.
The vets that take care of them asked us for help – perhaps it’s possible not only to save their lifes but also give them a caring, cosy, loving home. For now, they are staying at Ilona’s.
Meet Nojus (Noah) and Milka.


How’s Tara, an ex-shelter kitty, doing?

I met Tara‘s future owners under sad circumstances: I was paying my daily visits to Pilaitė veterinary clinic “Reksas”, where a sick little kitten Karlson from my “feeding” yard was being treated, while Ms Rasa and her daughter were bringing in a sick young plague-stricken street kitten  for procedures. The latter left for the rainbow country first, and the whole family were mourning for him, so we agreed that if Karlsonas is going to make it, they will give him a new home. Unfortunately, Karlsonas left us soon afterwards, but the family of Ms Rasa were already yearning for a kitten. Summer was approaching, a time of holiday and travel, so I and Ms Rasa agreed it would be better to take the kitty in after all the summer camps, sea-sides and the like are over, and all the attention can be directed at the new young family member. Besides, as there recently has been a kitten with plague in the house, we agreed they will pick a fully vaccinated kitten with a stable immunity (Ms Rasa bought a special disinfection agent at the vet. clinic and cleaned the apartment as thoroughly as possible – no one wanted to risk another pet’s life).
So when the autumn came, I directed the family to “SOS Gyvūnai” shelter and its bustling crowd of most beautiful kittens and kitties. Having at first considered Kūlverstukas (Somersault) or Žvaigždutė (Little Star), at the shelter they have collectively decided upon little Tara - the first impression and the immediate connection with THEIR OWN pet were very strong.
Therefore, Tara is already at her new home and, obviously, is feeling great here, like a real princess :)


Fraidy-cat Elzytė's adventures at a new home

This is fraidy-cat Elzytė that we have taken in for foster care. At first she just lied there, curled up in a ball, and didn't move. So we started the stroking therapy.


Owners go abroad; where does the dog go?

Drioma is another victim of emigration; or perhaps ignorance; or despair.


Forest harvest: beige female Voveruška (Chanterelle)

Mommy Chanterelle
Went down to the well,
Combed her hair,
And brushed it well,
Then picked up her basket and

Well, Chanterelle's mom has chosen a "free bird's" life for now, but her daughter has a chance to become the joy of your home.

Feast your eyes:


Who lives in the farmhouse under the trees, or Look who's smiling?

Summer came and went (all right, perhaps just the artificial one, and hopefully the synoptical one will last a little longer...), and we haven't even taken a glimpse into the lives of our homestead cats. Some of you may even be unaware that some of the "SOS gyvūnai" cats, those that do not like human company and do not wish to be neither "lappies", nor "couchies", nor even yardcats, have a backup plan available: they may choose to live on a farm. Vaccinated and spayed, they enjoy their freedom, run about in the fields, mouse, and if they get hungry or need shelter, they are welcome to come to those who care for and take care of them.

Here are a few photos from the kingdom of these porker cats, and Ilona will give you a more thorough presentation.


What is foster care?

As our little shelter cannot hold all the cats and dogs waiting for new families, we ask volunteers to temporarily take care of them at home: to save them from mixing together and keep the unvaccinated from catching  each other’s diseases. But not everyone knows what foster care is, so to help the willing make a final choice, I am posting here an article about foster care that I have written for delfi.lt a couple of months ago.

I love animals, I would like to help them, but I don’t have time for trips to animal shelters, besides, while there, I always feel there is not enough of me for all of them… This is what many of us think, and I have to confess, I am not one of those active volunteers who clean cages, take dogs for walks and help the shelter residents out in every other possible way.

But I can pride myself on several purring lives I have saved, thanks to a thing called temporary care at home.

And there is great shortage of it in Lithuania, especially when litter of both the homeless animals and those with careless owners pour in. Perhaps this article will help some get rid of the fears and stereotypes and make their choice.

What can one foster?

It‘s mostly cats and dogs, but people also give away their guinea-pigs, ferrets, rabbits, parrots and other pets that they themselves are unable or unwilling to find new home for... Therefore, not all of the animals are stray, thrown away or born under balconies. Some are brought in by owners, because they are “tired of it/having allergies/going away/didn’t want that sort of gift”.


Sweet Lemon: Gentle Young Female for Adoption

As it turns out, sweet lemons do exist! Or at least one of them. She's kind, tender, and with eyes like saucers.
And those eyes give you such looks when you pat her! As if to say, is this really just a stroke? Really, you’re not going to hit me? Just pat me?


Furry blacks with eyes like coals

We present you the three little Lemons, the three black beauties - Lemon's pups that are now being fostered at a home. Look how they shine, how content they seem :).
They're even dancing while holding paws!


Kitties Looking for Playmates

So, there were black puppies, and now there are black tomkitties. And their fluffy merle sister. All charming, pretty, tiny, and waiting for a home.

They're just that sweet...


Three Grainies Searching for a Mum

Can‘t think of a right way to start this... “Dear people” doesn’t seem quite right… “Ladies and gentlemen” doesn’t, either…perhaps “sirs and madams”? But do these people deserve any sort of title at all?
For short: people, don‘t leave kittens at the animal shelter outside its working hours. Not even if they’re packed in boxes or baskets. The shelter shelters dogs. If you do not know how to take care of an animal, how to properly give them away, or what neutering/spaying is, please, ask for advice instead of pushing innocent lives into danger.

I apologise those of you, who would never do such a thing, but perhaps this will enlighten the minds of at least a few “leavers”.
Not to mention the fact that law forbids making an animal homeless, and simply leaving it in a shelter yard is exactly that.
This is last night‘s bundle:


How to save lives without leaving your house

I love animals, I'd like to help them out, but I haven't time to drive around shelters, besides, there's so many of them I always feel like I've let someone down... That's what a lot of people must be thinking. I myself am not one of the active volunteers who clean cages, walk dogs and help shelter animals in other ways.

But there are a few saved purring lives on my account as well, because of something called temporary house care.

And it is greatly needed in Lithuania, especially now, in spring, when the number of strays rises and adds to the number of pets abandoned by their irresponsible owners. Hopefully this article will eradicate fears and stereotypes and help someone make the right decision.


Caramel Purrer Looking for a New Home or Her Original Owners

We received a letter from people who have temporarily (really, just temorarily) taken in a stray kitty (on 18 August) and are now looking for her previous owners or some new ones.
The kitty is unique, with long orange hair, young, very sweet and friendly. She was found in Vilnius, Saulėtekis district. Please take a good look at her! Such beauty is rarely found, and this one is also a good-natured one.


Ben, Let's Sail to Nida!

Only a couple of days ago it was an ordinary tabby No. 819. Given away by his owners to Grinda sanitary service, this neutered cat spent more than a month caged without natural sunlight, space to run around, or any opportunities to curl up in the lap of the human whom he loved all his life.  The cosy creature had a rough time accepting the loss of his home and the loneliness of his prison but had already resigned itself to this sad fate and abandoned any hopes for a miracle. Therefore, the miracle got him by surprise – tabby No. 819 was offered foster care!!!

At home, with all the long-awaited space and freedom, tabby No. 819 recovered quickly, slept soundly, and upon awaikening found himself to be Ben (Benas), a great domestic cat who brings perpetual joy to his guardian Dovilė.


How the Ferret Found Her Happiness

News from the (now probably permanent) home of a former “SOS gyvūnai“ nursling ferret Pupa.
This is what Indrė writes.
“I am writing with great news about the tot ferret which has been recently christened Pupa. Why Pupa? Because she expresses all her emotions through a constant puffing sound, and also, compared to Ozis, she really is just a pup. But all this is not what I set out to announce. Just want to say how happy I am that the state of war had finally ended in our house and the little ones became friends, even though the division of territories and poo-marking is still not over. More on this in photos :).

The current state of health is pretty much the same. Spaying is inevitable but is only due next week as you have to wait two weeks after the vaccinations.

The little one is using her teeth less and less often (earlier, after a few licks, we would always get vaccinated  :D).“

Sleeping peculiarities:


Zara and Sara: bought for breeding, not feeding. New home in demand

Boxer Sara and mixed-breed Zara – two of my mother‘s foster dogs from the town of Želva.

Their owners had once even paid money for these females, as the clever people had a business plan in mind - to trade in dogs. Unfortunately, they hadn‘t considered all the trifles, such as that dogs also require to be fed. Or that it is not OK to keep them tied to a corner of a house day and night during the autumn weather, with nowhere to hide from the rain and wind (no reason to be mad at the owners, though, – they did throw a  wisp of hay on the mud from time to time). They also failed to consider that an unfed bitch may simply not be able to feed her puppies (from the previous litter, only one female pup survived; my mother gave it away to a good family), that the puppies may get sick. Therefore, up until now the bitches bought for breeding did not provide any profit.
Maybe that is why, after my mother began feeding the dogs in September, their owner also started serving them some porridge or dry food from time to time. Although mouthing off, in late autumn the owners agreed to move the females off the corner of the house and into an old barn, onto the hay. By the way, the Boxer even spent some time inside the house and was fed extra food for a while.
Since September, when my mother began to look after the dogs, their ribs hid from sight, and their sides rounded. Sadly, mix-breed Zara‘s backbone still shines through.
The owners, unable to stand my mother‘s constant nagging, agreed that we‘d start looking for a new home for Sara and Zara (one dog has already been given away).
Sara is a 7 year old female Boxer (with an uncut tail). Cautious, but not agressive, even when eating. She is quiet and calm, even timid, and seems to be slightly crouching all the time; this must be due to the drunken owner often venting his anger and flexing his feet on her, or brushing his stick-wielding skills against her sides. Sara had had several litter, but all the puppies met a sad end. Now Sara lives in a barn, tied to a pole, never goes outside, has no water. This way, the owner is punishing my mother for her constant nagging about how it‘s too cold for dogs with short fur to live outdoors on the snow.


The Importance of Having a Home

We're all waiting for the spring, and it's closing in rapidly. But as long as it's below zero outside, one must work harder to help those left without a home or shelter.

Doggy Vasaris.



The Wonderful Dog Guardian Jovita and her Nurslings :)

Do you remember the six "Goslings"?

Six tiny pups were sheltering in Naujoji Vilnia, in an abandoned warehouse. It was Jovita and her family who extended a helping hand to them. The little ones were taken to Jovita, who took care of them and nursed these pups into young dogs. And soon enough, all the dogs found great homes.
But this wasn't the end of Jovita's support for us. At the moment she is fostering four more of our puppies - two Rottweiler Juodė's pups Dora and Marsas, and two Ašariukai. Algita and Ilona wrote about these tots in their blogs.

Dora and Marsas



Frost, or When People Loose What Remains of Their Humanity

Cars don't start, tires pop open... It's so cold that even thinking becomes too hard a task, and everyone is waiting for it to get at least a little warmer. Frozen, we hurry home for cover and a cup of hot tea. And perhaps this would be the end of it, if it weren't for all the pain and suffering just outside our windows. Suffering tied to a tree, or lieing under your balcony; soundless pain which only you can help ease, by extending a helping hand.
And while you spend your day fighting for another life, rack your brain and bend over backwards thinking what more you can do, someone simply takes the animal from home and ties it outside, leaving it to great pains.

Speigas (Frost).



How Koko the Dog Found Her Happiness

Just before Christmas, Koko was wandering outside. She would shelter beside private houses, looking for some warmth and compassion.

A place for her was finally found at Jakovas veterinary clinic. While there, she lived like a princess, was dewormed, vaccinated and spayed.

And just before the New Year, she found a place at one of our volunteers, where she‘ll be staying for good :)


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