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New shelter is almost done!

A lot of people who are following the building of our new shelter might be thinking that we are unusually quiet and that the work has slowed down. Everything is quite the opposite – not only are we working at full pace but also the project makes us travel to different cities. The current stage of the project requires plenty of preparation work which is very time-consuming. This is the main reason we have not been keeping you up to date for quite some time. Anyway, things are moving. Yesterday we went to Kaunas where the modules for the shelter are being built. It was very exciting to see an old dream slowly become a reality right before our eyes. Some of our requests were unusual for the contractors therefore the work is taking longer but should be finished at the beginning of February. The contractors themselves are surprised how complicated and time-consuming it is to build an animal shelter.

Our shelter will consist of four 9x3 m modules. They will be built into one big (108 sq. m.) construction in which there will be several cat rooms, dog rooms, intake room, medical room and a few more required rooms (shelter’s plan can be viewed here: http://sos-gyvunai.lt/en/shelter/).

Only good quality building materials are used for the shelter so that the rooms could be easily disinfected and cleaned even using steamers and high pressure cleaning equipment.

Throughout the whole shelter there will be installed a modern drainage system AQUADRAIN, the floor will have an inclination so that all the dirt and water could flow down easily.

The doors of the cages and feeding bowls will be made of stainless steel therefore they will be long-lasting and will not rust.

We are already installing a system that will help control the micro climate in the building (temperature, humidity and lighting) as well as provide anti-fire, anti-accident and other protection. This will guarantee that the shelter and the animals in it are always safe.

We hold high standards and requirement for our volunteers in order for them to have the knowledge to work safely with animals and other people – they can study the material and take the required test online. Quite a few volunteers have already passed the test although there is always something new to learn.

Our biggest concern now is finding the location for our shelter. Even though the building is portable, it would be very costly to move therefore it would be good to find a permanent place. Unfortunately, the location in Zalgiris street does not give that stability. We are in search of a different spot. Your help and suggestions, offers of a long-term rent are very welcome.

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