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Bear melodies


Meškutis (Bear) came from Jurbarkas, maybe you remember the story when after the old lady had gone to hospital for a long time, perhaps even forever, she left behind three cats (Jurbarkas and Veliuona are still in the shelter, and Šerchanas has already been given away) and two dogs - the house puppy Pipiriukas (Pepper) (given away) and the yard puppy Meškutis (Little Bear).

Meškutis has been temporarily staying in Kaunas, at the "Penkta koja" shelter, and has now come to "SOS animals".

And he's happily guarding his dog house :) He didn't feel at home in a dog pen, neither in a small nor a big one, but he felt just fine in a dog house. What can you do, he has spent his entire life this way...

Meškutis is only showing off here, don't you go thinking all he does is sit there and wail all the time. He's friendly, nice with people, a craving for cuddling and kind words sort of puppy, only he doesn't allow just any dog into his territory.

In a homestead or a yard Meškutis can easily become a great guard, if only he receives enough attention and love from his person.

For more about him please call:
+370683 39826

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Translated from: Iks, http://www.sos-gyvunai.lt/lt/bendravimas/naudotojas/5558/dienorastis/6215/

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