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Some good news before the weekend

Doggies Taba and Šiauris have found new homes, we're keeping our fingers crossed that the new owners have enough patience to train these energizers:) Puppy girl Dulkytė has also gone to a new home, and not alone, but accompanied by her room mate Ledinukė, the black&white kitty. And today Bolivaras has gone all the way to Biržai, where he will try to help his owners get over their old puppy's death.

As you can see, Smala and Reksas are giving a few last minute tips on how to behave:)

Newcomer Laumžirgis(Dragonfly):

A fluffy kitten, up to four months old, terribly pretty, and when he grows up he'll be an impressive, huuge cat... He has received medicines for fleas and worms already.
Found in Subačiaus street, he has spent a few days out on the stairway, but no one took him in...

The kitten is sweet, but a little stressed out at the moment, because dogs are barking all around, he's frightened... He asks pretty pretty please would someone take him in to a nice warm home!
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Translated from: Iks, http://www.sos-gyvunai.lt/lt/bendravimas/grupe/7/dienorastis/

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