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"SOS animals" blogs

No time to feel down:)

"We've mastered walking on our hind legs, we'll be working with computers soon!"

"Who are the good little puppies here?"
"We are, we are!"

"Especially me!"

"And who messed up the rack?"

"I dunno..."

"Listen, so you're like, really unreal, or a little real?..."

"Hold on, let me count that again, one, two, three... And where's the fourth one?.."

"I ate and I ate... I was so full... that I sort of passed out right there."

If you want to meet our funny kittens and puppies live, come by:http://www.sos-gyvunai.lt/en/about/map.php

Translated from:Iks, http://www.sos-gyvunai.lt/lt/bendravimas/naudotojas/5558/dienorastis/6008/

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