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Young puppy Rojus is looking for a true owner

Once upon a time there lived a young brown and white puppy Grasas, brisk and faithful. Sometimes he wasn't doing very well, the wishes and commands of his owners weren't very clear to him, but they fed him well and he grew by leaps and bounds. Until one day...

Until one day Grasas' owners decided they don't need a dog anymore. They tried selling him, but failed, so one late evening they called "SOS animals" shelter and said they were bringing him there. Sanitation service wouldn't take him, and they're leaving. Leaving right now, today. There's just nowhere to put him!

There was a free spot for him in the shelter, in an unheated room. The puppy appeared to be friendly to people, even a little shy, and agreed without quarrels. Of course, he was sad, but... The owners got into their car and left. They didn't even leave a food that he was used to, or a toy.

He was left all alone and he's looking so hard for someone he could to attach to and gaze faithfully into their eyes.

So, six month-old puppy Rojus (he got a new name along with his new life) is looking for a new home. Glossy and tough, handsome, friendly with people - that's what he is like.  He has received three vaccines, and according to his vaccine pass a month ago he was supposed to receive one more, but they were probably bored of taking care of him by then…

Sadly, he's not very friendly with other animals right now, signs of unwise training are starting to show. He perceives cats as hunting objects, and barks viciously at dogs close by. If it weren't for the reluctance to accept another animal in the same house, he would already have a home, but, as it turned out, he wasn't willing to get along with the other young puppy at all. So Rojus needs a home where he would be the only favorite pet and receive a lot of attention and training, walks and games. He's a very good friend for people, even those he has just met, if they're not hostile. He's a good guard, and if he feels the territory needs protection, he will eagerly demonstrate this. But of course, he's not one to live in a dog house or dog pen, his hair is short, his calling entirely different...

This dog needs not only love, but strong will as well, so we're looking for very good and responsible owners, who can give him lots of exercise and know the nature and rules of care for these dogs. As we can see, he has a lot of American Staffordshire, and maybe even Pitbull in him. We know this may attract suspicious persons, so let us remind you the shelter has a right to check how the animals that were given away are doing.

Rojus will be given away with a "SOS animals" adoption agreement for those willing to castrate him.

For more about him please call or email us: info@sos-gyvunai.lt, tel. +370 68334885.

At the moment he lives in "SOS animals" shelter, Minsko highway 33a.

If you'd like to check whether you'll get along, we would really appreciate a few weeks of house care, because it's cold in the shelter :(

Author: iks Link: http://www.sos-gyvunai.lt/lt/bendravimas/naudotojas/5558/dienorastis/5782/

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