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Where we keep our animals

SOS animals town (Minskas highway 33A, Vilnius)

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“SOS animals town” comprises several buildings where we keep our animals.

Prieglauda„SOS animals shelter“ - is a modular building, the construction of which started in 2009, and in 2012 it was finally ready for animals. There are 3 cat rooms with the capacity for 48 cat cages, 3 dog rooms with the capacity for 18 dog kennels, animal admission room (exam and veterinary room), WC, and a small locker room for our volunteers. This shelter was built using the donations from 2% of the VAT.
Please read more about this shelter building project.
SOS namelis„SOS animals hut“ is a mobile house purchased in the autumn of 2008 after only six month since the inception of our organization. The first donations received from the 2% of the VAT allowed us to make this purchase. It became the first shelter for our saved animals. We still keep a few animals in this cozy place.
Vagonelis2 wooden trailers - were purchased in spring of 2012. They were renovated and furnished to keep animals. Later they were repainted in lively yellow color.
Voljerai6 outdoor kennels are for keeping small groups of friendly dogs.
SklypasBig outdoor run is for daily fun and games of our dogs. Several dog housesare placed inside it to provide a nice resting space.

SOS animals farmstead (Kaišiadorys district)

For a few years a farmstead has been a home for several cats that didn’t adapt to indoors life and chose to live freely. They have a few warm shelters and food. Cats are spayed and neutered. They will live here for the rest of their lives. Here they enjoy the fields and mice :)
In summertime many more of our animals come here to spend some time away from their kennels and cages.

SOS animals volunteers’ homes

Gyvūnų globa namuoseSome of our volunteers have an opportunity to foster animals in their homes. It is the best way of animal care because animals can enjoy a completely different and stress free atmosphere there. At foster homes animals get much more attention. The risk of various infectious diseases is much lesser and the level of stress is also much lower. This helps animals socialize better and they become more adoptable faster.
We invite you to read a blog of fosterers!
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