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Photo reportage: how “SOS animals” cares for animals

All animals that come to our shelter require a lot of care. It may seem like a simple task but it takes a lot of devotion of our volunteers to keep the animals safe and healthy. Let us introduce you to our daily routine at the shelter.

Newly admitted animal has to undergo an overall examination and evaluation and is dewormed as well as vaccinated. 
If needed, treated for fleas...
Every little kennel and cage has to be clean and disinfected. Cleaning takes the longest time in animal care process. Every new volunteer has to learn how to clean properly.
Skalbinių maišaiWe don’t have a laundry room yet therefore all towels and sheets are washed at the homes of our volunteers.
Animals need to be bathed. As there is no bath in our shelter we bathe animals also at our homes.
Some animals’ fur is too tangled up and the only choice then is to shave it off and have a new nice fur grow back.
Everyone gets a nice meal - big...
...and very small, if their mommy is gone or wouldn’t feed them. Then our volunteers become their “mommies” and feed little babies every couple hours.
Doggies need to go for walks to be happy and use up their energy.
We take nice pictures and videos of every animal and show off their beauty on our website!
While our veterinary room is under construction, more serious animal treatments and surgeries have to be performed at veterinary hospitals.
Sometimes we even travel like this.
Waiting at a vet’s office.
We worry about every single life...
Most of our animals are spayed or neutered in order to reduce animal overpopulation and suffering.
After surgeries we bring our animals back to the shelter and take good care of them.
There is plenty of sadness in our daily work… Many animals come to us badly injured and sick… We strive to save their lives and give them a chance to find homes.
It doesn’t always work… Sometimes we have to say goodbye to untreatable animals and finally set them free from their pain…
Fortunately, many of our animals find homes and bring us tears of joy. There is no better gift to us than knowing that our animals are safe and happy and very much loved. Such happy moments make all our hard work pay off.
Gyvūnų duomenų bazėEvery animal’s information is kept in a special program. We also store information about the adopters. This way we can build a useful database and our activity statistics.

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