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Care of the animals

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Animal careAnimal care is the main activity of our shelter. We take care of homeless animals, including their treatment, vaccination, grooming, feeding, walking and adoption, shelter maintenance, animals' transportation from the shelter to veterinary and back. We also take pictures and videos of our animals and gather and store information in our databases. To get a better idea of what we are involved in we kindly invite you to explore our website by clicking here.

All work at the shelter is carried out by our wonderful volunteers without whom our mission would not be possible. Our volunteers make a huge contribution to the work we do for animals.

In order to draw greater public's attention to homeless animals and to enhance opportunities for our animals to find a new loving home quicker, we participate in various projects. Between 1 December 2009 and 10 May 2012, together with “Ozas” (Vilnius) shopping and entertainment centre, we implemented the project “Animal Lawn”. We were very thrilled to find new homes for more than 2000 cats!

From 11 May 2009 to 7 October 2009 we ran a similar project which took place in another shopping and entertainment centre - “Panorama”, where more than 400 animals found their new owners.

It is extremely important to us to ensure that our animals live in the best possible conditions, therefore we continuously invest in acquisition of animal living spaces and their adaptation for animal use. In 2008, thanks to our generous donors who donated 2% of their income tax, we were able to buy a mobile house which was named “SOS Animal House”. In autumn 2009, after receiving another stream of 2% of our donors' income tax, we have started our biggest project so far – to build a shelter

Here is how we are doing so far:

  • Since its inception on 1 February 2008 until 1 January 2009 we housed and re-homed 600 animals.
  • Between 2009 and 2010 we saved and found new owners to 1395 animals.
  • Between 2010 and 2011 we have helped 2504 animals.

Working with homeless animals is risky. There’s always a chance that they carry some infectious diseases, therefore every new volunteer, before starting to work in our organization, must undergo animal care training and pass a knowledge test. The test can be taken online on our website. Test results are presented immediately!

Training includes the following topics:

  • Infectious diseases of cats and dogs (focusing on the diseases that can be transmitted to humans).
  • Infectious diseases prevention: animal grouping, personal hygiene, disinfection of facilities and bedding, animal vaccination and stress reduction importance and procedures.

Goals of the training:

  • Evaluate if a potential volunteer is suitable for a stressful and hard work with homeless animals.
  • Provide volunteers with valuable information about various health risks, prevention and symptoms of diseases.
  • Focus on the importance of personal hygiene and animal grouping in order to prevent spreading of diseases among healthy but susceptible animals.
  • Provide information about specific disinfecting supplies used in animal shelters as well as ways to keep clothes and personal items clean and safe for interaction with animals.

After passing the test, a new volunteer will receive a detailed analysis of their test result. Volunteers are free to consult regarding various questions.

Read a shelter blog 
Look the photo albums

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