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Videos about SOS animals

There are a few short films and videos made about the activities of “SOS animals” – you can watch them here. We are grateful to all that devote their time to record the moments of “SOS animals”.

The everyday life of dogs in “SOS animal town”

This is one of the first videos from our new location in Minsko highway, that captures the daily routine of the dogs in the shelter’s territory.

Short documentary “A place we call home”

This is the first work of “SOS animals” volunteer, director Albina Griniūtė, that won the best Lithuanian debut award in the Lithuanian film festival „Kino pavasaris”of 2012. The film is shown in various festivals and you can find news about it in the makers’ website and Facebook page.

“A place we call home” was started in autumn 2010 and finished in autumn 2011, right before we said goodbye to the old wooden house in Žalgirio street and moved to the new location in Minsko highway 33A. If it could speak, the old house would tell many stories about the people that worked there and of hundreds of saved four-leggeds of various fate. The film reflects a small part of these stories… You can see “A place we call home” trailer right here.

Giedrė Uldukytė - “SOS animals“ shelter in Žalgirio street

One more video about the old shelter in Žalgirio street, that had become a home for many, a shelter and a temporary station from which one departs to a new life… We thank Giedrė Uldukytė for this memory, so precious to all of us.

Vudis, Bartas, Grūdas, Pankita ir Dūmas - a visit to “SOS animal’s house”

We are grateful to the celebrities who have visited our shelter in the spring of 2011 and recored the beautiful moments from the SOS yard and house in Žalgirio street.

Short film “Needless Animals”

Ckm crew’s short movie “Needless Animals” tells a story of a kitten through his eyes. Given as a Christmas gift for a little girl, young kitten Markyzas becomes unwanted after a few years and ends up in the street. After a while, seeing a decorated Christmas tree in the town square, the children playing around it, he remembers the days of his youth, his first Christmas, when he came to a warm home. Now Markyzas is sitting freezing in the snow. It seems no one needs him anymore… The kitten is spotted by a dogcatcher, that captures him. When Markyzas opens his eyes again, he realizes he has been brought to a shelter. He sees many cats and dogs that share similar fate. The animals hope their owners will come back and they will have a cozy home, and will be loved again. They never stop waiting…

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