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“SOS animals” representatives visited Switzerland  131 

[2016 09 19]

In 18th and 19th of September representatives from the public institution “SOS animals” went to Switzerland where they had a meeting with the authority of an international advertising agency, which offered a mutually beneficial collaboration. During the meeting, an opportunity was discussed to disseminate information about the work of our organization in various foreign countries, where a philanthropic culture and social responsibility is developed. We had the chance to present our projects, one of them was finishing the construction of “SOS hope apartments” and also setting up a veterinary clinic. Our partners were highly impressed by our aspirations and promised to actively help with organizing commercial campaigns and searching for financial support in abroad – this agreement was approved with a bilateral contract.


While being in Zürich we didn‘t miss the opportunity to visit a local pet shelter that was in the suburb. We were very happy to see how high the standards are that the shelter follows, we were also pleasantly surprised by the large spaces for each animals housing and the high-quality care. Also, workers in the shelter were very kind to share their work experience.


Each similar trip is important to us because we see with our own eyes how we can improve our shelter and it‘s work as well as what we need and what we should aim for.


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