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„KristiAna“ will Donate some Money for Modernization of the Animal Shelter  608 

[2012 12 13]

Perfume and cosmetics salons’ net “KristiAna“ will support animal shelter “SOS Animals“ by helping to support shelter’s modernization financially. During it service space will be expanded, infrastructure of medical examination of animals and quarantine, as well as conditions of keeping animals will be improved. “KristiAna” will financially contribute to modernization of the shelter by giving part of the sum from clients’ paid-up fiscal cheque.

“Already for many years we take care of our clients’ beauty. Its constant nurturance is inseparable from spiritual beauty. We believe that every good deed adds to person’s beauty. While selecting the model of giving support we involved our clients, because at the same time we want work of animal shelter and possibility to shelter homeless animals to become more popular, and that as many lonely animals as possible could find their masters“ – states general director of „KristiAna“ Virginija Godelaitienė.

Every year sanitary service catches about 5000 of homeless animals in Vilnius. Many of these animals are taken to voluntary organizations of animal shelter. Waiting for their new masters, they live in shelters and some of them stay there for quite a long time. The shelter has to collect 4500 Litas a month just for support of these animals, sterilization, treatment, transportation and other needs. These voluntary organizations are not funded from state budget. Fund is collected from people’s donations.

According to calculations of JSC “KristiAna“, thousands of people visit “KristiAna” a month. “That is why we hope that during pre-Christmas time we will be able to involve our customers to participate actively, so that we could donate enough money to the shelter’s expansion and modernization. This project will not be short-term, we hope to transform it into lasting cooperation that encourages kindness in the hearts of people” – says general director Virginija Godelaitienė.

“In Lithuania still there are too little people and companies that care for social problems. Often only after visiting a shelter and seeing everything himself/herself the scope of the problem can be understood. People often prioritize popular pedigreed pets, but the pets that have lost their masters or have never experienced human love, want it even more, that is why they become the most loyal friends. Unfortunately, not all of them succeed to find new cosy home, and the flow of such homeless animals to the shelter never stops. That is why we are grateful to “KristiAna” that benevolently helps to support the shelter’s expansion and modernization, giving us more chances to save even more lives of animals,” - says Ilona Reklaitytė - Mezenceva, the director of “SOS Animals“.

About the Organization of Animal Care “SOS Animals“

“SOS Animals“ is a voluntary organization of animal care that was established in 2006. At first it was called “Pifas.lt“, in 2009 the organization was renamed to “SOS Animals”. The organization is engaged in animal care and search for new masters. 2504 animals were sheltered in 2010. “SOS Animals” is established in Minsko rd 33A, Vilnius. Internet website – www.sos-gyvunai.lt.


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