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"SOS animals" news

[2016 09 19] “SOS animals” representatives visited Switzerland  115
Our organization’s representatives coordinated partnership prospects in Zürich. More
[2012 12 13] „KristiAna“ will Donate some Money for Modernization of the Animal Shelter  595
Perfume  and  cosmetics  salons’  net  “KristiAna“  will  support  animal  shelter  “SOS Animals“ will  be  expanded,  infrastructure  of  medical  examination  of  animals  and  quarantine,  as  well as modernization. More
[2012 09 27] Thank you for Confidence, Thank you for 2 per cent!  615
What can you do with one brick? Practically nothing. What can you do with hundreds and thousands of bricks? To build a house! Thank you for giving 2 per cent from Personal income tax to the public enterprise "SOS Animals". More
[2012 07 20] The Shop of Support – at your Service, for the Good of Animals  750
There is “The Shop of Support” open on our website – a completely new project which will give an opportunity to support the public enterprise “SOS Animals” shelter while doing usual work and do not requiring additional expenditure. You can always find it on the left of our website clicking on "Donation store". More
[2012 04 25] Our veterinary surgery already accepts first patients  584
On the “SOS Animals” shelter’s site (Minskas road 33A, Vilnius) there is already equipped a veterinary surgery. From April 23rd till May 1st back to Lithuania specialists from the organization of Animals care and environmental protection (ETN, the organization that was established in Germany) are continuing the project of sterilization of homeless animals. More
[2012 04 01] March: what and how much we did  505
“SOS Animals” informs what was done during March 2012. More
[2012 03 01] February: what and how much we did  557
“SOS Animals” would like to introduce a new tradition – to tell what was done after the month ends by introducing numbers. In this way you could better see what we have achieved, what is the extent of the activities and achievements, what is our money used for. More
[2012 02 28] Cheaper sterilization – less homeless in future  359
In spring fuzzy grey catkins germinate on willows whereas different kittens go into streets. They are tabby, spotted, black, chestnut, longhaired or short-haired. There are dogs too – lop-eared, blunt-nosed. Each of them is lovely and cute, but people volunteering in animals’ care wait for spring with anxiety – there are so many animal babies. More
[2012 02 11] Documentary “Orphanage” – about Community of a Human and Animal  414
A short documentary film about animal shelter in Vilnius “SOS Animals” is being completed. To be more precise, it is about a place where refuse and unnecessary quadruped find a safe shelter and a ticket to new life, whereas people who take care of them – their calling. More
[2012 02 08] We will try to become the first official animals’ shelter in Lithuania  249
At the beginning of spring public enterprise “SOS Animals” will have some pleasant worries – “SOS Animals” volunteers together with their animals will invite people to the opening festival of a new shelter in the outskirts of Vilnius (Minskas road 33A, Vilnius). More
[2010 02 11] The shelter’s new animal vaccination policy has justified itself  310
I would like to inform you that are we already enjoying the outcomes of the new policy. The results are amazing – newly admitted animals don’t become sick and thus they have an opportunity to be adopted faster. We don’t have to spend a lot of money on animal treatment. This is a huge step forward and if we continue to work like this, our shelter’s animals will be much safer that before. More
[2009 12 21] AUKOK.LT: good work needs your help!  280
On the initiative of Aukok.lt team, we have successfully completed a part of our project “Support for homeless animals”. We have received tremendous financial support as well as various physical donations. In quite a short time we collected a total of 9,500 Litas!  More
[2009 11 11] Change in SOS animals shelter's admission policy  216
This is an official announcement regarding animal admission to “SOS animals”. The following decision has been made due to critical animal health situation in the shelter. More
[2009 10 21] Building a new shelter: important decisions  304
More and more people are interested in “SOS animals” new shelter therefore we would like to share our vision and plans with you. Your financial support made this project possible and thus we feel obligated to inform you about the building process as much as possible. More
[2009 10 16] Shelter management computer program installed  202
Last week “SOS animals” introduced a new computer program into shelter’s management system. The program is called Animal Shelter Manager (ASM). It will allow the shelter to properly record, file, sort and retrieve information about each sheltered animal. More
[2009 08 20] “We are full” or an explanation why we can’t accept more animals  177
Our blog is full of stories about rescued animals. However that does not mean that whenever you find a homeless cat or a dog you can simply call “SOS animals”, anytime of the day, and the problem will be solved immediately. Unfortunately, things are a little more complicated. Often we are unable to help due to lack of space and finances. But some people don’t want to take “no” for an answer and get upset, sometimes even promise to appeal to mass media, Brussels, Strasburg. More

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