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Media about "SOS animals"

[2012 05 08] German veterinarians’ achievement: three thousand less of the homeless animals will be born in Lithuania this year/ 15min.lt   676
During the sterilization project of the homeless animals and those left unattended by the owners, which happened from April 11 to May 1, a total of 748 animals were sterilized in Šiauliai and Vilnius regions. More
[2012 04 28] Vilnius residents saved animals while dancing by the White bridge / Lrytas.lt  577
On a Sunny Friday evening active life lovers were gathering by the White bridge – here a “Zumba fitness for SOS animals” dancing charity event took place. This is probably the first open workout organized in Lithuania, where everyone who wished was able to move their bodies in a playful way. More
[2010 01 27] While volunteer organizations save homeless animals, state solves the matters in a much more simple way/ Alfa.lt  193
Animals that have been beaten, starved, that have burned fur, damaged eyes or that have been harmed otherwise, get to animal care institutions, that are scarcely able to take care of all of them. Unfortunately not all the animals that get to care institutions from the streets will find new home. More
[2009 09 05] Animal shelters don’t give animals to just anybody / Delfi  246
Not everybody can adopt an animal from a shelter. It may sound surprising and weird in these difficult economic times when animal shelters are out of capacity. However, volunteers are very careful when it comes to giving their animals away. More
[2008 10 31] The government does not care about the animal shelter left without premises / Alfa.lt  215
Many passersby would be surprised by finding out that there is an animal shelter in an old wooden house, situated next to one of the busiest city crossroads in Žalgiris street. After entering the house we are met by a few friendly dogs and a number of cats sitting in cages. Unfortunately Pifas.lt is going through its hard times − the shelter has to move from the premises in Žalgiris street. More

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