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Vilnius residents saved animals while dancing by the White bridge / Lrytas.lt  577 

[2012 04 28]

On a Sunny Friday evening active life lovers were gathering by the White bridge – here a “Zumba fitness for SOS animals” dancing charity event took place. This is probably the first open workout organized in Lithuania, where everyone who wished was able to move their bodies in a playful way.

Mostly young girls came adorned with exceptional T-shirts, but there were many enthusiastic elder women as well. "The key is - a good mood, the age and physical condition does not matter," - said the event organizer with a smile, a certified and experienced Zumba instructor Karina Paulauskaitė.

Those wishing to attend the event had to buy tickets and the money collected from them will then be used to organizations seeking to improve animal life conditions: to install building roofs, site fencing and to purchase animal food and bearings. Animals, for whom the raised funds will be allocated, were also involved in the campaign, and those wishing to shelter the animals, could have become their guardians.

Karina said that the event is not easy to prepare, but she enjoyed the enthusiasm from the participants and the goodwill of the partners. According to her, it is not a profit seeking event, therefore the members who have or will join the campaign will do two good deeds: exercise the muscles and support abandoned animals.

When asked why they have decided to donate the collected money to animals, she said that no matter for whom the funds will be donated - good work is always good to do. "Good work does not need a reason. Sometimes you need to take care of those who cannot take care of themselves, "- said Karina to the lrytas.lt portal. She also said that she is considering similar social initiatives in the future: "It is - just the beginning. Maybe we will organize something like this and will donate raised funds for children or to old people's homes."

The girl, who belongs to the world Zumba instructors’ network, assures that such events are not new in the world; therefore she enjoyed the opportunity to organize something similar in Lithuania. "Instructors abroad are regularly canvassed to develop similar campaigns in Europe or America. I wanted for this initiative to reach Lithuania as well ", - she said.


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