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German veterinarians’ achievement: three thousand less of the homeless animals will be born in Lithuania this year/ 15min.lt  676 

[2012 05 08]

As in the first German animal protection organization project, conducted by NSI, during this campaign most of the sterilized animals were cats, total – 578. Project organizers estimate that births of 3000 homeless animals were prevented because of this campaign.

According to the Head of the animal's home in Šiauliai region, Onos Birutės Vaičiulevičienės, and the curator of the Vilnius region division, Nadežda Makuševa, the most active in the region of Šiauliai were Šiauliai, Radviliškis and Joniškis citizens, while in Vilnius region – Rudamina, Nemėžis, Juodšilis and Nemenčinė citizens, they have contributed to this project not only by catching and transporting stray animals to the clinic, but also actively distributing information about the project and inviting their communities to contribute to the reduction of the homeless animal population.

There were more than one times when because of one resident, a fair amount of residents were brought in the project - all of them jointly caught and transported the animals to the clinic. It seems that this campaign has contributed not only to the humane reduction of the homeless, but got the communities closer together as well - N.Makuševa rejoiced.

Promoters of the project note that the government of Vilnius district, just as the Vilnius City government, shows a good example by leading the way with a truly modern homeless animal problem solving techniques – after the continuing campaigns of the "Catch-Neuter-Release” the decreasing of the homeless population can already be felt in the Vilnius region. Just the fact that there are still governments that believe that the most effective way is to kill stray animals twice a year, indicates that this area still needs improvements.

"It is always a pleasure to work with governments that are aware that Lithuania is a modern European Union country as who seek to stand side by side together with such countries as Austria or Germany, where there are strict no animal slaughter policy. We are ready to cooperate with the governments of smaller towns, the important things is - their desire to solve the problem of homeless animals in a modern and efficient way,” - said the project initiator, the wife of the Austrian Ambassador to Lithuania, Gudrun Koller.

The project organizer is pleased to have received a lot of support for the project. "Without the support from the State Food and Veterinary Service, the qualitatively communication in cooperating in disseminating information between Vilnius district government and the community, the financial support provided by the Šiauliai District government and the help from the animal's home in Šiauliai and NGO “SOS Animals”, it would have been much harder to achieve such results," - said the coordinator Algita Zigmantaitė.

Photo-report of the story from the shelter: http://www.15min.lt/gallery/show/vietoj-gyvunu-zudymo-sterilizacija-24578



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