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How to find "SOS animals" shelter

The „SOS Animals“ new shelter is located in the south east of Vilnius, on Minskas highway.

SOS prieglauda įsikūrusi Minsko plente

(The map is not up to date, therefore, the recently built buildings are not shown; please note that a few more buildings in this area are marked under the same Minskas highway 33A)

Driving away from the city of Vilnius, after about one kilometer from the intersection of Minskas highway and Liepkalnis street, turn right. Look out for this billboard as a landmark:

maždaug už kilometro nuo Minsko plento ir Liepkalnio gatvės sankryžos reikia sukti dešinėn ties šiuo stendu

After 150 meters you will see a dead-end street on the right but do not make that turn.

Pavažiavus apie 150 metrų, bus akligatvis į kairę, bet juo nesukite

On your right you will see many dogs and a few trailers.

Čia pat dešinėje pamatysite namelius ir šunelius

You can also take the bus # 16 to get to the shelter (see schedule):

Iki šios vietos galima atvykti 16 autobusu, kuris važiuoja nuo stoties

The bus stop Kuprijoniskes is located just a few hundred meters away from the “SOS Animals” shelter.

If you are traveling by car and are coming not from Vilnius, see the map for directions.

We look forward to your visit.
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